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Dreams cycling saved me again. Winthrop Action Modifier (6) 6x Earth Control Reaction (13) 1x Delaying Tactics 11x Forced Awakening 1x On the Qui Vive Combat (19) 5x Concealed Weapon 14x Earth Meld Event (1) 1x Scourge of the Enochians Top 7th Hiekkaharju Nightmare Vantaa, Finland May 5th 2018 2RF. 1x Gemini's Mirror 3x High Ground 4x Read Intentions Master 16 3x Blood Doll 1x Church of the Order. Bloat as needed, tool up, and bleed/vote your prey to death. Good Games, Melbourne, Australia May 29th 2011 2RF 12 players Simon Reed - 2vp in final Deck Name: Nos Princes Description: My take on the classic nos princes. A version of this deck was in the!Nosferatu newsletter from March 2004. Like bunnies Description: hmmmm. Changes were 2 forced march 4 Sense the Savage Way 2 murmur 1 villein -1 scourge Big thanks to Ben Peal for his ongoing Support of our game, and all the cool People i was blessed to meet there!

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I played my first succesful Dismemberment of Osiris on Ambrosio Luis Moncada, it's a very strong card ( to put in every Setite deck ). Six days later Trent Rezner (of Nine Inch Nails) was on our flight back to Pittsburgh. This is my version of his deck. There were too much masters in this deck. Legacy of Pander is the clear use of this, so I adapted my breed-boon template to!Nos-Pander. And Jyri won third seed agianst me in coin toss (dice Roll). Crypt (12 cards, min13, max32, avg5.33) x Anson 8 CEL PRE aus dom prince Toreador:1 3x Volker, The Puppet Prince 5 CEL pot prince Brujah:2 1x Jimmy Dunn 4 CEL POT for Pander:2 1x Parmenides 4 CEL qui Assamite:2 1x Victor Tolliver 4 CEL pot. Giving me, the stealth bleed deck votelock over the table. I *am* Cardano's bitch. To be included in this list, a tournament report had to be made on the official V:EKN Player's Forum: this archive will not include the Storyline Tournament Winning Decks. I always had a Loss when I needed one and in every game I played so far I have managed to bring out 4 or 5 different minions. 1 Tasha Morgan Combo (3) 3 Swallowed by the Night Top Undue Influence Dallas, Texas July 9th 2005 3RF 12 players Jon Glas MDW: Potence (mono-discipline weenies) Crypt (13 cards, min9, max13, avg2.85) x Hector Sosa 4 POT pre Brujah:1 1x Cameron 3 dom pot. Dominate is good for bleed bounce as well. Everyone will hate you for it (and with good reason but it's pretty much a key card to drop via Fortschritt if necessary.

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Crypt (12 cards, min19, max30, avg6.25) x Rodolfo 8 AUS DEM OBF pro bishop Malkavian antitribu:3 1x Virgil 8 AUS DEM OBF cel bishop Malkavian antitribu:2 1x Kite 7 AUS DEM obf pre bishop Malkavian antitribu:2 1x Korah 7 AUS DEM OBF ani priscus Malkavian. The first one costs 1 pool, the rest only cost 7 cards from your ash heap each. No need for Vessel. Claire 7 ANI FOR PRO primogen Gangrel:1 escort gbg call girls in stockholm 1x Badger 6 FOR PRO ani pot Gangrel:1 1x Mirembe Kabbada 5 PRO SER ani Gangrel:2 1x Anastasia Grey 3 ani pro Gangrel:1 Masters: krcg Radio Station Ecoterrorists x 2 London Evening Star Blood Puppy x 3 Blood. Crypt (12 cards, min17, max36, avg6.83) x Marcel de Breau 9 CEL POT PRE ani pro archbishop Brujah antitribu:3 2x Salinger 9 CEL POT PRE tha archbishop Brujah antitribu:2 2x Beast, The Leatherface of Detroit 7 OBF POT ani cel Nosferatu antitribu:2 1x Sela (ADV). Banishment - This gets rid of problems and can cause more pool loss than parity shift. One last minute change proved to be immensely beneficial, I'd actually tribute my two out of three GW's in last tournament solely to the decision on adding the Pentex Subversion to the deck. Make sure Guillaume doesn't go to torpor. Top All Non Winning Finalists Tie For Second Place: Ithaca Ithaca, New York March 28th 2008 2RF 12 players James Wilhelm (Kaiser) - 4vp in final Title: "The Disastrous Consequences of Well-Practiced Optometry" Crypt (12 cards, min20, max34, avg6.75) x Khalu 7 AUS CEL POT. John 6 AUS FOR dom pro Ventrue antitribu:4 1x Neighbor John 5 AUS dom for Ventrue antitribu:4 1x Solomon Batanea 5 AUS FOR nec Harbinger of Skulls:4 Library (90 cards) Master (21; 6 trifle) 1x Anarch Free Press, The 2x Anarch Revolt 1x Depravity. Wintrop Presence (21 9 Enchant Kindred 2 Entrancement 4 The Summoning 6 Majesty Auspex (9 4 Telepathic Misdirection 5 My enemy's enemy Vicissitude (11 6 Changeling 5 Plasmic Form Top Archon Ann Arbor, Michigan January 17th 2004 10 players Andrew Weston (Wes) Nadima's Enticing Wall. Winthrop Top Hungarian NCQ Metagame, Budapest, Hungary June 29th 2013 3RF 16 players Péter Botos - 4vp in final Deck Name: Cybele's Curse Description: Inspired by "Snakes on the Plane" by Ivan Marin-Rivas. Remove prey's defense and follow up with Andre 1-caps. The deck is very fast and almost guarantees that a table will not time out. I never see 10, I never can afford 10, and I run out of turns before I'd get. Crypt (12 cards, min25, max44, avg9.42) x Capuchin, The 11 AUS DOM FOR NEC THA THN Harbinger of Skulls:5 1x Morlock 8 FOR NEC THN obf Samedi:4 1x Baroque 7 NEC THN aus for obf Samedi:5 1x Macoute 6 FOR NEC obf thn Samedi:4. 4x Pursuit 3x Rolling with the Punches 3x Soak 3x Taste of Death Equipment.44 Magnum 1x Bowl of Convergence 2x Ivory Bow Master 25 6x Ashur Tablets 1x Celerity 2x Coven, The 2x Direct Intervention 1x Erciyes Fragments, The 1x Flames of Insurrection. All the Forceds would be Eyes if I owned that many, though I did use a Forced on a Mind Raped, Pulsed Kallista with only one blood to fail a block. But the acceleration is pretty important in getting the deck to function quickly enough to be a factor in the mid-game. Marisa Fletcher, CDC 1x Fall of the Camarilla 1x Nightmares upon Nightmares 1x Recalled to the Founder 1x Restricted Vitae 1x Slow Withering, The 1x Thirst 1x Unmasking, The 1x Veil of Darkness 1x Wormwood Master (15) 4x Angel of Berlin 1x Church of Vindicated. Crypt (12 cards, min11, max20, avg4) x Jephta Hester 5 DOM FOR aus Ventrue antitribu:4 1x Catherine du Bois 5 DOM for obf pre Ventrue:3 1x Esoara 5 DOM aus for pot Tremere antitribu:4 1x Joo Bilé 5 DOM FOR pre Ventrue:4 1x Earl. Winthrop Action Modifier (10) 2x Bonding 3x Conditioning 1x Daring the Dawn 4x Earth Control Reaction (15) 7x Deflection 1x Delaying Tactics 2x Eluding the Arms of Morpheus 5x On the Qui Vive Combat (25) 1x Claws of the Dead 10x Earth Meld 3x Flesh. Bring out Unmada first, Cybele second and Lutz third, if able. Having access to such efficient recursion for the theft cards was a real advantage. Once he or she is in play, play Danse Macabre on him/her and have him/her perform two actions per turn (The Call bleed, most of the time, or Revelations bleed, etc.). The deck was ideal for the more deliberately-played final and I won with.5VP. Action Modifier (5) 3*Conditioning 2*Leverage Reaction (12) 2*Delaying Tactics 5*Deflection 4*On the Qui Vive Wake with Evening's Freshness Combat (50) 3*Zip Gun 2*Target Hand 6*Weighted Walking Stick 5*Pulled Fangs 6*Glancing Blow 7*Taste of Vitae 2*Trap 3*Lucky Blow 2*Botched Move - Pushes the maximum damage. Event (4) 1x Blood Trade 1x Break the Code 1x Fourth Cycle, The 1x Thirst / Fourth Cycle is in there to make sure the Watchtower's upkeep stays at one pool per turn when other people play Unmasking or Anthelios.

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